Gablok : the story of an insulated block

Added value: structure for self-building

Founded in 2019, Gablok offers a revolutionary insulated timber-frame construction method. Aiming to simplify construction and offer a simple, high-performance, and flat-pack timber house system, Gabriel Lakatos filed his patent in 2018.

A fan of interlocking building block toys from an early age, and involved in traditional construction for 25 years, he came up with the design for stacked insulated wooden blocks.

After many months of research and testing, the self-build house system has been validated by stability, acoustic, and energy performance consultants.

Self-build insulating formwork block

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Gablok : our stacking blocks

Eight components and insulated wooden blocks for a flat-pack house.

Gablok: our stacking blocks
Ytyong Base Blokc 14
Bottom Plate 7
Bottom Block 6
Rain Bariar 11
Treated Lath 9
General insulated block 5
Gablok beam 3
Insulated belt block 4
Vapour barrier 12
Batten 1
Ytyong 2
OSB Floor 13
Walls 8
Concrete Slab 15

Build your own house

Product protected by an international patent

The Gablok concept is essentially made up of insulated blocks, an adapted floor system and insulated beams and lintels that will allow you to constitute the exterior and interior elevation walls of your wooden house (self-build structure). These elements are necessary for the assembly of the main structure of your future building. These are delivered to you directly on site with your installation plan.

This process allows, among other things, to avoid excessive waste related to on-site fabrication.

Once the assembly of the insulating blocks is completed, all that remains is the completion of the roof (frame + roofing) and the finishing of the exterior of your home with the finish of your choice (crest, brick, cladding,…).

The assembly of the system is extremely fast and does not require no drying time.

The dimensions of your door and window openings are known as soon as you receive your building permit. This allows you to order your exterior woodwork in advance. The early manufacture of these is a significant time saver during the construction of your wooden house kit, thus saving the stop of the construction site.

At the end of the day, you will be able

At the end of the day, the Gablok concept allows for a seamless flow of the various trades involved in the construction of your new home.

Building your own home? That's what the Gablok concept allows you to do, all over the world !

Only the partners represented on this site are Gablok-labeled.

Stacking wooden blocks

Stacking wooden blocks

We offer you the possibility of carrying out your plans using our wooden block construction method inspired by the famous interlocking building block toy. As soon as these have been completed, you will receive an assembly diagram with all the steps required to complete your stacking wooden block project.

We will guide you through the construction of your foundation slab and laying the first row of cellular blocks.

Then it’s up to you: follow your assembly plan step by step and your shell will be complete in less than a week.

Build your own house using a flat-pack kit

Build your own house in Belgium

Gablok, the wood frame!

Flat-pack house

Flat-pack house

The special thing about Gablok is that we allow everyone who wants to build their own house to do so.

No need for prior building skills with our flat-pack insulated wooden block.

Using only a ladder, a screwdriver, and your project plan, you assemble the components of your flat-pack house on top of each other to form the insulated walls of your future home.

Complete self-build flat-pack kit

Complete self-build flat-pack kit

Our offer includes all the materials needed for constructing your shell (except for the roof and foundation slab).

Our technical department will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you with the assembly of the insulated structure of your home.

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