The history of Gablok

Stacking blocks: child’s play

Gablok is an idea born out of a love for the interlocking building block toys of our childhood. Founder Gabriel Lakatos worked in traditional construction for over 25 years before filing the Gablok patent in 2018.

Gablok was founded in Belgium in 2019 with a single objective: to enable anyone to build their own construction project.

Gablok is now targeting self-builders with a construction method that is revolutionising the building world.

This involves a flat-pack timber house system inspired directly by the famous interlocking building block toys we all know. The concept involves stacking insulated wooden blocks on top of each other to build the structure of a house. All this without the need for drying time, glue, or construction knowledge.

A daring project that has already enabled many enthusiasts to embark on the construction project they had in mind!

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The Gablok Belgium team

Simon and Gabriel

Simon and Gabriel