Can beams or a concrete overlay be placed on top of the insulated wooden blocks to build a storey?

Build your own house in Belgium: the Gablok wooden house kit

With Gablok, all self-builds are made from the same insulated wooden structures.

Among these, we have our own floor system. A floor designed so that it doesn't need to be covered with a concrete screed.

The floor is designed to be as smooth as possible.

We take care of all the beams and lintels that are needed to complete your floors. So you don't have to worry about a thing.

You've got a lot of room to grow.

You therefore have all the materials you need to build your self-construction structure. wooden framework.

In the Gablok self-build kit, you'll find wooden beams capable of withstanding very long loads.

→ Cover the élents that make up our timber frame house kit. Components that are provided to you directly on site, on a bonded pallet.


Support for Gablok framing wood lintels, beams and floor timbers


We call lintels, the élents made of wood that serve as closures and make up the floors and ceilings above the doors and châssis of our wood-frame self-builds.

The longest lintels in our kit measure 240 cm long.

The beams have a large span, which allows them to support any construction project (house, addition, extension,…).

The floor elements can support a span of 4m80. However, this span can be increased by adding beams.


As for the payload, theéléments that make up the boards allow a load of 250 kg/m².

→ Learn more about our wood flooring products.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. Based on the plan of your construction project, we propose you a procedure 100% adapted to your expectations and needs.

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