Can beams or a concrete overlay be placed on top of the insulated wooden blocks to build a storey?

Building your own house: the Gablok flat-pack timber house

With Gablok, all self-builds are made from the same insulated wooden components.

Amongst these, we have our own floor system. It is not necessary to cover it with concrete screed.

We provide all the beams and lintels necessary to build your floors.

You therefore have all the necessary materials to build your self-build timber-frame structure.

The Gablok self-build flat-pack kit contains wooden beams capable of supporting very long spans.

Find out more about the components that make up our timber-frame flat-pack house. Components that are supplied to you directly on site.

Spans of wooden lintels, beams, and floor components

Lintels are the wooden components that serve as closures and make up the floors and ceilings above doors and window frames.

The longest lintels in our flat-pack kit are 240 cm long.

The beams have a large span, allowing them to support all construction projects.

The floor components can support a span of 4.8 m. This span can be increased by adding beams.

As for the live load, the components that make up the boards allow a load of approximately 250 kg/m².

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information. Based on your construction project plan, we offer you a process that is 100% adapted to your project.

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