Can self-build blocks be used to build any size house?

The Gablok self-build system has been designed for most construction situations.

Our insulated wood blocks are designed to establish the main structure of a building. Many surface dimensions are possible with Gablok.

When drawing up your plans, we try to conform as closely as possible to your needs so that your self-build is just the way you want it, but always simple to build.

For everything that concerns the finisheswe can also tailor the construction to the type of remodeling that you want.

The dimensions of the finishes of a wooden house in kit

Do you re-circulate large openings in your living space? Would you like to install châssis of 2m long windows ?

The wood blocks will be presented in multiples of 30cm, the total length presented will be 2m10.Cuts of insulated wood will be placed 5cm on either side of the window to achieve the desired 2m.

→ Learn more about the weight and length of a block of insulated wood.

All of these options will be requested in advance with the goal of ensuring that you get only what you need on your job site, without unnecessary waste.

If you have decided to build your house yourself, you can contact the various building trades for the finishing touches, starting with the receipt of your building permit.

Anticipating all the technical aspects allows you to save a considerable amount of time! As an example,you will save between 5 and 8 weeks for the order of your exterior woodwork.

→ Cover how the techniques fit into a Gablok self-build.

The construction of an insulated wood block house

The Gablok system has now been studied for ground floor+1 self-builds. We can nonetheless easily consider a Rez+2 construction, depending on the stabilization study.

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Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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