Does the wooden block assembly keep my self-build level?

The Gablok timber-frame self-build system is currently designed for a ground floor and first floor.

However, it is quite possible to envisage a building with a first and second floor, following a stability study to be carried out.

When the starting plate is level, the insulated wooden block assembly will be perfectly vertical up to the next storey.

The calibration of our self-building blocks has a tolerance of 0.5 mm. So far, no corrections have had to be made to our projects.

How is the self-build structure secured to the ground?

The timber structure of the self-build is secured to the ground with anti-tear brackets. The concrete slab is built as for a traditional house.

All you have to do then is follow the plan for your self-build structure. Plan provided on site with the pallet of insulated wooden blocks.

Each structure built with Gablok includes a specific flat-pack kit of insulated wooden blocks.

What about the quality of the wood in the insulating wooden blocks?

The wood used for Gablok construction components is 18 mm thick OSB: a mixture of natural resin and wood strands (chips).

The special feature of OSB is that it is made of highly compressed wood. It will therefore not move over time as it does not expand or contract any further.

Your will house remain level with Gablok.

Please contact us if you have any questions or require clarification regarding the stability of our constructions.

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