Weight of a Gablok insulated wood block

What is the weight of a Gablok insulated wood block?

Weight of an insulated block for wood frame

Gablok offers insulated wood blocks for self-construction timber frame.

The principle of our wooden houses in kit ? Stack the wooden blocks on each other to build your own house yourself. Thanks to this system, the construction of a wooden house can take a week for the walls, and 3 months for the whole house. On the contrary of a traditional construction that requires a few months or even years if you decide to build your own wood frame building.

The construction of a wood frame house can take a week for the walls, and 3 months for the whole house.

To allow everyone to build their own home, annex, extension in self-construction,our wood blocks have been designed to be lightweight. They are easily handled.

Thus, anyone, even those with no affinity or skill in the construction field, can actively participate in the completion of their project.

In practice, Gabloks come in three different lengths: 30cm, 60cm and 90cm.

The height and depth of the isolated blocks are always the same and are 30cm.

The 60 cm insulated wood block weighs only 7.5 kg, which makes it very easy to handle.

For the other éléments of the kit, these weigh between 7 and 9 kg. We remain on weights « feather » for bricks.

Lightweight wood blocks for the self-construction of its timber frame house grâce à two effective components

What makes our wood blocks so light is their composition.

To make a Gablok block, we need:

  • OSB wood : a wood composed of dregs of other woods. These residues are ultra compressed and form the block as such.
  • EPS : this is polystyrene expansé, composedà 98% air. This is molded to form the insulating material inside the blocks.

Blocks that are therefore lightweight and perfectly insulated!

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