What does the Gablok self-build flat-pack timber house kit include?

Gablok wooden house kit: the wooden construction that fits together

The self-build kit for timber frame kit house offered by Gablok includes all the the insulated structural components of your timber frame.

Gablok allows you to build the interior load-bearing walls and the exterior structure of your home.

For the structure, the insulated wood self-build blocks are delivered to your job site on bonded pallets. This will save you the trouble of having to do the work on site. Construction is done quickly and your environment remains clean throughout the duration of the self-build.

When the structure of your timber frame house is completed, all that remains is to complete the roofing as well as to proceed with the general finishing touches (finishes, installation of special techniques,…).

Self-building with Gablok requires no set-up time. You assemble and fix the blocks in a quick and easy way. Everything is explained to you on the plan provided at the same time as the blocks.The Gablok team provides you with technical assistance throughout the self-construction.

An intuitive but planned construction technique

As for the dimensions of the openings (doors, windows,…), they areétabulated à lès réception of the building permit. You will be able to order the necessary equipment to be installed directly after the construction of the shell.

So, you will be able to order the necessary equipment to be installed directly after the construction of the shell.

What save time on your construction. It takes about 3 months for a self-build Gablok site versus more than a year for a traditional construction.

The Gablok wooden kit houses are a revolution in the field of self-building.

The wood frame self-build kit in détails

In the kit of the self-construction timber frame, we have created 8 items:

  • The linking elements: the rafters
  • The floor lintels
  • The lintels
  • The beams
  • The insulated wood block waist
  • The insulated blocks for walls
  • The insulated blocks for the side
  • Slats: side and top

In addition to these 8 kinds of wood blocks that will allow you to make your project, you will also get the screws and the plan for the installation of the frame.

→ Décover these élents in détails.

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