What is the span of our wooden components?

The weight of a block used in a timber frame

The total span of a structure built with Gablok is the same as that of a traditional house.

Insulated wooden block walls

The compressive strength of an insulated wooden block wall made with Gablok is 150 kN/m.

Lintels, beams, and floor components

Lintels are the closing components above doors and window frames.

Our longest lintels are 240 cm long. The beams, on the other hand, have a very large span and can be adapted to the self-build project, whether it is an annex or a house.

The floor components have a maximum span of 4.80 m. However, it is possible to increase this span by interposing a beam.

In terms of live load, the floor components allow a load of 250 kg/m².

Strong and level construction with Gablok?

Gablok wooden blocks have been designed for buildings with a ground floor and first floor. However, it is possible to envisage a building with a first and second floor.

The have blocks passed all stability study tests. The blocks are therefore reliable and can bear heavy loads, just like a traditionally built house, as mentioned above.

The entire insulated timber-frame construction is fastened to wooden bottom plates.

Once the plates are level, the rest of the building will also be level and perfectly vertical.

The calibration of a Gablok building has a tolerance of 0.5 mm.

Other frequently asked questions?