Where are the self-build blocks produced?

What makes Gablok self-build blocks so valuable is that they are made entirely in Belgium. Each block of wood comes from a short circuit.

Coming from the regions of Herve and Soumagne, in the province of Liège, we were keen to collaborate with local companies for the réalization of our self-build blocks for wooden frame.

We are therefore proud to work with qualified teams from Verviers and Battice: the company X-PACK for the réalization of graphite EPS insulating blocks and the’workshop at the ASBL Les Gaillettes for the production of OSB structures.

Each company creates a portion of the blocks that are then assembled into Gablok insulated wood blocks.

X-PACK and molded expanded products

The insulated portion of our insulated blocks is made of graphite EPS.

The base product is in the form of styrene beads. Upon contact with steam, the beads increase in volume by 40 times their size, this without solvent or other glue.

X-PACK then places them in molds where the beads are compressed to form the insulation of the Gablok wood blocks.

Grâce à this technique, the EPS becomes a hyper-insulating material composed of 2% material and 98% of the best existing insulator: air!

L’atelier Les Gaillettes and insulated wood blocks

It is at Les Gaillettes NPO that our various wood building materials are manufactured, including the wood blocks in which the EPS insulation is found.

OSB wood consists of a mixture of wood chips and natural resin. The chips (thin strips) are compressed to form the 18mm OSB. The Class 3 and 4 OSB that makes up our blocks does not contain formaldehyde.

The big advantage of this type of wood is that it doesn’t work anymore. So there is no risk of it changing shape over time. Your home will remain level.

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After being assembled, Gablok self-build blocks are delivered on bonded pallets, so you'll soon have the waste on the job site.

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Local and social enterprises for a high-performance self-build product.

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